The My Home Office stands on a steel frame, which means that the garden office can be placed without a foundation. If the soil of your garden has a paved surface, the home office can be placed on a flat sand bed with concrete tiles of 60x60 centimeters on top or directly on a flat pavement.

For soft surfaces we use foundation screws.

Here we make a distinction between short (80-120 centimetres) and long (13-18 metres). Screws. The short foundation screws are suitable for every type of soil, with the exception of clay or peat soil. With the screw foundation you can level the My Home Office and thus compensate for differences in height.

The Netherlands has a lot of peat soil. In order to prevent subsidence, the stable deeper soils are used for foundations. Depending on the situation, it may be advisable to use long screws to foundation into the sand layer. These are 13-18 meters long and provide stability, so that the garden office can never sag.

In the past many foundations were used with piles, today screw foundations are the best option. This offers many advantages: a screw is more stable than a pile. By comparison, a screw sits more firmly in wood than a nail. This also works for screw foundations that are screwed into the ground. They require little space and can therefore be used in small areas.


The screw foundation is a sustainable method for anchoring a mobile unit. An innovative technique that does not require digging. No heavy machines are involved, just a single machine. In addition, screw foundations are cheaper than traditional concrete foundations. Because the screws carry the load, pouring concrete is not necessary. After the short installation time, the screw foundation can be loaded immediately. Screw foundations last a very long time, on average 50-100 years. The foundation is maintenance-free. The screws can be easily moved or removed and are reusable.

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