Meet our Home Office Model 2.0

Model 2.0 is the same in dimensions as Model 1.0, but is equipped with various extras. My Home Office Model 2.0 comes with a sit/standing desk, whiteboard, heater, fold-out bed, three-piece mattress and coffee furniture/storage cabinet. This model is also equipped with a personalized outdoor lamp and design surface-mounted spots.

The space of the office in the garden is optimally used and the isolated garden office can also be used as a guest room.

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excl. placement costs

The home office can be extended and widened for a storage room, extra workspace or garden room, for example. Windows can be changed to the setting in the garden. The windows in the side wall can become a closed wall, so that My Home Office can be placed in the corner of the garden. A door is possible on the high or low side and sliding doors or french doors can also be added. Interior work can be customized.

Extra options

Various expansion options for Model 2.0 include a hanging lamp above the desk, an aircoheater for heating and cooling, sun blinds and a sustainable green sedum roof.


Sit / stand desk

Fold-out bed




  • Sit / stand desk
  • Fold-out bed with mattress
  • Whiteboard
  • Cabinet
  • Heater
  • Personalised outdoor lamp
Lighting / Electricity
  • 1x single wall socket
  • 1x double wall socket incl UTP connection
  • 1x Design lighting spot
Dimensions / Weight
  • Dimensions outside : 2.49 x 3.17 m
  • Internal dimensions : 2.10 x 2.42 m
  • Weight: +/- 2000 kg


  • Steel frame
  • Exterior finish: Siberian Larch FSC certified with a lifespan of 15 years
  • Glazing: HR ++ double glazing
  • Isolation floor, walls and roof
  • Window
  • Floor finish: Marmoleum concrete look
  • Security fittings


  • Extendable in length and width
  • Add storage
  • Door on the other side
  • French doors or sliding doors
  • Skylight
  • Placement of the windows
  • Colour of the woods on the outside
  • Sedum roof

MHO Upgrades

  • Aircoheater (for heating and cooling)
  • Storage rack
  • Blinds outside (electrically operated)
  • Blinds inside
  • Custom furniture

Your own My Home Office?



Let us know that you are interested, this can be done through our contact / quotation form, but you can always call or app us. We will then contact you as soon as possible.


Design proposal

If we know your wishes, we can make a suitable design. We are happy to think along with you about the layout, placement and design. This can often be done by phone, but our designer will also be happy to visit you if desired to make a suitable design on site.



If the design is completely to your liking, we will prepare the quotation. We also immediately look at the options for placing on location and at any necessary foundations.



Thanks! You have chosen My Home Office. We take your design into production. The delivery time for the basic model is about 6 to 8 weeks and the garden office will be placed prefab in your garden within a few hours.

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