The sedum roof gives the My Home Office a unique appearance. The green roof can optionally be added to all models. With a sedum roof you contribute to a sustainable future for the earth and it is a beautiful addition to your garden.

A sedum roof is a roof overgrown with succulents. These are easy to maintain - they maintain themselves! They are summer and winterproof, can withstand drought very well and are also resistant to the rainy climate of the Netherlands. Bright sun is also no problem for sedum. Another advantage is that these strong succulents grow on almost anything: on flat roofs, but they are also suitable for the sloping roof of the garden office. Only occasionally removing some weeds may be necessary.

My Home Office uses lightweight sedum. This thin mat is light in weight (40-55 kilos per square meter) and also puts little strain on your roof when it rains. The sloping roof ensures that the water drains well.


A sedum roof, also known as a green roof, provides a beautiful living environment for animals and plants. It attracts bees, butterflies, other insects, snails and birds and thus improves biodiversity.

The sedum collects rainwater and filters out the pollutants. It also ensures a healthy living environment for you and your immediate environment. It reduces CO2 emissions, purifies the outside air and protects against UV radiation.

Roof insulation

Sedum insulates your roof surface: in the winter the sedum layer retains heat and in summer the garden office stays nice and cool. In addition to good insulation, a sedum roof is soundproof. Sound from rain and hail is muted and noise disturbance is reduced, especially in city centers.

The long-term benefits are that a sedum roof extends the life of your roof. It protects against sunlight and rainwater and against extreme temperature differences. A sedum roof consumes less energy and thus lowers energy costs. Several municipalities also offer subsidy options.

Summarized: sedum is green, sustainable and cost-effective. Also a lightweight sedum roof for your garden office? Contact My Home Office for more information or have a look between our Home Offices.